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Community Spirit Award Recipients

Dr. Robert G. Donahue 2017
Dr. John Bailey 2016
Dr. Donna Grant Mills 2014
Dr. Salvatore Selvaggio 2012
Dr. Rahim Sharmin 2011
Dr. Maurice J. Conley, III 2010


Humanitarian Award Recipients

Dr. Ben Williamowsky 2017
Mrs. Maria Gomez 2016
Dr. Oswald Cameron-Morales 2015
Rev. Mario E. Dorsonville 2014
Dr. Gary Kaihara 2013
Dr. Eduardo Gerlein 2012
G. Robert Lange, DDS and Irving M. Rothstein, DDS 2010
Dr. Gael Delany 2007 
Dr. Andrew Cobb 2003
Dr. J. Thomas Soliday 2002
Dr. Irving Rothstein 1999
Sister Janice Heisey 1994
Faculty Past & Present of the Georgetown University School of Dentistry 1990
Sister Mary Louise Wessel 1989
Mr. James Graham 1988
Mr. Hathan Habib 1987
Dr. George Young 1986
Father John Adams 1985
Reverend John Steinbruck 1984
Thelma V. Rutherford 1983
Reverend Horace B. McKenna 1982
William T. Hannan 1980
Frank Harden and Jackson Weaver 1979
Senator Jennings Randolph 1978
Mr. Bill Gold 1976
Dr. Charles Hufnagel 1975
Mr. John Willis 1972