About Us


We are DCDS: Passionate About Our Profession, Our Community and Our Future

Mission Statement

The mission of DCDS is to promote the growth of the dental profession through educational programming, advocacy for our members, and raising the oral health literacy of our community.

DCDS Values

Honesty & Integrity

  • Treat everyone as you would treat yourself.
  •  Consider the greater good of the patients and members through open communication & active listening.


  •  Provide contemporary, accessible professional development.
  •  Provide governmental advocacy, communication and financial & managerial tools to facilitate our profession.

Knowledge & Learning

  • Commitment to utilize innovative knowledge, skills and experience to improve the oral health of the public.
  • Commitment to provide the most innovative CE to our membership.   


  • Enhance collaboration with other health professionals in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  
  •  Increase, embrace and mentor all dentists and dental students.
  • To provide service in support of our members and our community.