About Us


We are DCDS: Passionate About Advancing Dental Medicine, Serving Our Community and Engaging Dental Professionals

Mission Statement

The mission of DCDS is to promote the growth of the dental profession through educational programming, advocate for our profession, and optimize oral health outcomes in our community.

DCDS Values

Honesty & Integrity

  • Treat everyone as they would like to be treated.
  • Consider the well-being of not only the professional community, but also the public through open communication & active listening.


  • Provide contemporary, accessible professional development.
  • Build constructive, sustainable relationships with local policymakers, community leaders, the media and the public.

Knowledge & Learning

  • Provide innovative, evidence-based educational programming for members.
  • Collaborate with allied health care organizations on professional education.
  • Be teachers and mentors as a professional community.


  • Commitment to improve the oral and systemic health of the public.
  • Enhance collaboration with other health professionals in the Washington metropolitan area.  
  • Provide service and education in the local community.