ADA Council and Commission Appointments

The ADA Fourth District Trustee, Dr. Jeffrey Cole, is seeking recommendations for several ADA Council and Commission appointments. The Fourth District will appoint a member to the Council on Ethics Bylaws and Judicial Affairs, the Council on Dental Practice, and the American Dental Political Action Committee. Additionally, the ADA Board will appoint members to the Commission for Continuing Education Provide Recognition, the Commission on Dental Accreditation, and the Council on Scientific Affairs. Specific areas of expertise being sought include: dental materials, standards, evidence based dentistry and oral medicine/pathology. 

Nomination forms for each of these Councils and Commissions, which list the eligibility requirements and selection criteria, the conflict of interest form, and more information can be found below.

Note: Please complete the Conflict of Interest form and submit it with nomination forms to or fax it to (202) 367-2163.

More information

View the current appointment and nomination schedule

View the Fourth District Trustee's report

Nomination forms

ADA Political Action Committee

Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition

Council on Scientific Affairs
(View the summary of qualifications for the Council on Scientific Affairs position)

Commission on Dental Accreditation

Council on Dental Practice

Council on Ethics, Bylaws, and Judicial Affairs