Upcoming Foundation Events

There are no Foundation events scheduled at this time.

Volunteer Guidelines

  1. This is a DC Society Foundation sponsored event to allow our members to volunteer in the community and provide a valuable service to residents of the District. We represent our Dental Society and ask all volunteers to be professional, courteous and respectful to the participants, just as they would be in their own practices. Many people who participate in the screening already have a dentist, many of which are DCDS members. We ask that you please refrain from passing out business cards, marketing your practice or self-promoting to participants.

  2. If you see a patient that has a possible suspicious lesion in their mouth, show the patient the area of concern if possible and refer them back to their dentist of record to have it evaluated. If they do not have a dentist, refer them to the DC Dental Society’s website (dcdental.org). Click on the “Public” Tab at the top and they will see a link to the “Find a Dentist” tool.

  3. We are providing dental screenings ONLY. We are not doing dental or periodontal exams on participants.

  4. You may encounter a patient that has an abscess, decay or periodontal issues and may not have seen a dentist in a long time due to economic concerns. Take a moment to explain that you see some dental problems in their mouth and refer them to our DC Dental Society website (dcdental.org). If they click on the “Public” tab at the top, they can find a link to a list of clinics that provide “Reduced Fee or Free Dental Care”. We will also have a printed sheet on site with these clinics/contact info for those who may not have internet access.

  5. Please be respectful of the other dentists who are volunteering during your shift and stay at the booth/van during your assigned time. The booth can get very busy at times and we need all of our manpower to get people through and keep the waiting time short.

  6. Smile and have a great time!