The DC Dental Society has 12 standing committees which serve to facilitate the organization in realizing its mission and strategic priorities.  

  • To ensure that Committee Chairs and members are rotated in accordance with DCDS policy.
  • To recommend candidates to the DCDS Awards and Nominating Committee for new members.
  • To ensure appropriate communication among its members and with the Board.
  • To learn and share knowledge of DCDS’s history, mission, policies and procedures and to help ensure that activities are congruent with the Society’s mission, the continuity of its programs and the maintenance of its policies and procedures.
  • To work under the direction of the Board and in partnership with staff.  
  • To ensure compliance with the DCDS budget, policies and timelines.
  • To establish yearly goals and objectives, to review them periodically and to report progress and activities to the Board regularly.  
  • Advisory Committee to the Annual Meeting Committee
  • Awards & Nominating Committee
  • Constitution and Bylaws Committee
  • DC Delegation to the ADA House of Delegates
  • Education Committee
  • Finance & Advisory Committee
  • Membership Benefits Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Symposium Committee
  • Professional Standards Committee
  • Public Policy Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee