The DC Dental Society has 12 standing committees which serve to facilitate the organization in realizing its mission and strategic priorities.

  • To ensure that Committee Chairs and members are rotated in accordance with DCDS policy.
  • To recommend candidates to the DCDS Awards and Nominating Committee for new members.
  • To ensure appropriate communication among its members and with the Board.
  • To learn and share knowledge of DCDS’s history, mission, policies and procedures and to help ensure that activities are congruent with the Society’s mission, the continuity of its programs and the maintenance of its policies and procedures.
  • To work under the direction of the Board and in partnership with staff.
  • To ensure compliance with the DCDS budget, policies and timelines.
  • To establish yearly goals and objectives, to review them periodically and to report progress and activities to the Board regularly.
The years noted below indicate the expiration of the terms of committee members.

Awards & Nominating Committee

The Awards & Nominating Committee is charged with overseeing the nomination process for the DC Dental Society board, committees and awards programs.  It is also responsible for vetting nominees, making nominations if no public nominations are made, selecting award recipients, and overseeing all DC Dental Society elections.

Committee Members

Dr. Ioana Bettios, Chair (2025)
Dr. Hillary Hochman (2025)
Dr. Kim Menhinick (2025)
Dr. Alan Singer (2024)
Dr. Steven Guttenberg (2024)

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee is charged with consideration of all matters pertaining to the Society’s constitution and bylaws, and review and recommendation of all proposed amendments or revisions to the constitution and bylaws.

Committee Members

Dr. Margot Cullotta-Norton, Chair (2024)
Dr. Isabelle Lass, Immediate Past-Chair (2024)
Dr. Patrick Grogan (2024)
Dr. Olga Spivak (2023)
Dr. Aliya Kassam (2024)

DC Delegation to the ADA House of Delegates

As the legislative and governing body, the House of Delegates is the supreme authority in the American Dental Association. As such, it speaks for the 158,000 dentist members of the Association and for the dental profession in the United States.


Dr. Angela Noguera  (2025)
Dr. Kathryn "Katie" Clark (2024)


Dr. Patrick M. Grogan (2025)
Dr. Clare McGorry (2024)

Dr. Sally Cram, Secretary (2025)
Mr. Kurt Gallagher, Executive Director 

Education Committee

The Education Committee provides knowledge and opportunities to ensure the highest levels of clinical, business, and ethical competency for DCDS members.  The Committee is charged with securing speakers for the Society’s monthly CE meetings, as well as evaluating and promoting educational opportunities in coordination with the Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting Committee.

Committee Members

Dr. Luke Schwartz (2024)
Dr. Caroline Berman (2024)

Dr. Dan Jones (2025)
Dr. Babak Noohi (2024)

Finance Committee

The Finance and Advisory Committee oversees the financial affairs of the Society and advises the Board on budget considerations and fiscal strategies which address the Society’s long-range goals and short-term needs.   

Committee Members

Dr. Chris Loukaitis, Chair (2024)
Dr. Steven Guttenberg (2025)
Dr. Ladan Basiri (2026)
Dr. Pierre Cartier (2024)
Dr. Ioana Bettios (2025)

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is charged with identifying programs and initiatives to recruit and retain members.

Membership Committee

Dr. Clare McGorry, Chair (2024)
Dr. Kathryn Clark, Immediate Past Chair (2024)
Dr. Catherine Pulse (2024)
Dr. Allen Robinson (2024)

New Dentist Subcommittee

Dr. Nina Latifi, Chair (2024)
Dr. Austin Harbison (2024)
Dr. Eric Bradshaw (2024)

Symposium Committee

This committee develops the program for the Society’s biannual Symposium for Licensure.

Committee Members

Dr. Kim Menhinick, Chair (2024)
Dr. Matt Gialanella (2024)
Dr. Jenny Kye (2024)
Dr. Isabelle Lass (2024)
Dr. Olga Spivak  (2024)

Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee considers patient initiated complaints of unethical or unprofessional conduct on the part of any DCDS member and determines if the dentist’s actions are inconsistent with the ADA Code of Ethics or the Standard of Care.

Committee Members

Dr. Jill Bruno, Chair (2024)
Dr. Kaz Fotoohi (2024)
Dr. Steven Guttenberg (2025)
Dr. Kim Menhinick (2024)

Dr. Pirooz Zia (2024)

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee shall investigate proposed legislation and all matters of public policy, local or national, affecting the profession.

Public Policy Committee

Dr. Jessica Rubin, Chair (2024)
Dr. Dereje Bereded (2025)
Dr. Jill Bruno (2024)
Dr. Pierre Cartier (2025)
Dr. Albert Coombs (2025)
Dr. Urwashi Dubey (2024)
Dr. Austin Harbison (2025)
Dr. Chad Jones (2024)
Dr. Takeisha Presson (2025)
Dr. Bruk Taeme (2025)

Medicaid Subcommittee

Dr. Cheryle Baptiste (2025)
Dr. Dereje Bereded (2025)
Dr. Pierre Cartier (2025)
Dr. Albert Coombs (2025)
Dr. Chad Jones (2025)
Dr. Takeisha Presson (2025)
Dr. Bruk Taeme (2025)

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee recommends to the Board a long range plan that it has developed to address the mission of the Society.

Committee Members

Dr. Ioana Bettios (2024)
Dr. Eric Bradshaw (2024)
Dr. Sally Cram (2024)
Dr. Charles Coulter (2024)
Dr. Eugene Giannini (2024)
Dr. Hillary Hochman (2024)
Dr. Dan Jones (2024)
Dr. Aliya Kassam (2024)
Dr. Lucciola Lambruschini (2024)
Dr. Chris Loukaitis (2024)
Dr. Clare McGorry (2024)