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DC Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

October 3, 2016 – Notices have been sent out to dentists to inform ​them that the District of Columbia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program has officially opened registration as of September 22, 2016. Data request shall begin on October 19, 2016.

Notices have been sent out to dentists to inform ​them that the District of Columbia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program has officially opened registration as of September 22, 2016. Data request shall begin on October 19, 2016.

The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is an electronic database used to monitor and collect data on the dispensation of prescription data for Schedule II, III, IV and V controlled substances, as well as products containing Butalbital and Cyclobenzaprine.

The DC PDMP was designed for prescribers and dispensers to use as a tool to support informed patient care and to reduce addiction and overdose trends within the DMV area.

There is no cost for registering or accessing the database.

PDMP Benefits:

  • Comprehensive controlled substance dispensation history 
  • Prescribing history self-reports to identify possible forgeries
  • Dashboard alerts on situations concerning misuse, diversion or abuse of controlled substances
  • Future access to patients’ controlled substance history reports from other states

Prescribers and dispensers who plan to obtain PDMP information shall provide notice to the patient that a request may be made to obtain information on all covered substances dispensed to that patient. The notice may be provided by use of a conspicuous sign in an area that will be easily viewed and read by the patient.

In lieu of posting a sign, the prescriber or dispenser may provide notice in written material provided to the patient, or may obtain written consent from the patient.

The Program will not provide any further materials to execute the above notice requirement.

District of Columbia licensed providers are encouraged to register as users with the DC Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. The registration web site is ​To request a new account to the DC PDMP, the user must navigate to the login screen for PMP AWARxE database and create an account using a unique email address.

Once at the login screen, the user must click the “Create an account” button to begin the process. For more information on registration, refer to the User Support Manual available on the DC PDMP website. After your registration has been submitted, you must click the “Submit Your Registration” button to continue the process. Your registration request will be placed in the review que for review by the PDMP Administrator. The review process may take up to 2 weeks. Early registration is encouraged to support your clinical needs.

Mandatory reporting is required for prescribers who dispense covered substances. All covered substance dispensation information must be reported to the Program within twenty-four (24) hours of dispensing. For reporting guidance, refer to the PDMP Regulations and Data Submission Dispenser Guide available on the DC PDMP website. Please note, covered substance administrations are exempt from this reporting requirement.

If you have any questions or concerns about navigating the system, please contact Appriss technical support directly at 855-932-4767. Technical assistance is available 24-7. Please submit any Program questions by email to