DC COVID-19 Vaccination Process

Reporting Vaccine Challenges to DC Health
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Scheduling a First Dose
Scheduling a Second Dose

Reporting Vaccine Challenges to DC Health

The DC government is responsible for oversight of vaccine distribution, appointment scheduling, and vaccine administration.

Difficulties related to appointments or receiving the COVID-19 vaccination (first or second dose) should be reported to DC Health by email or by calling the DC COVID-19 Call Center at (855) 363-0333.

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Scheduling A First Dose

Appointments to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine should be booked through the DC COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Portal. Openings are made available through the portal as DC receives additional doses of the vaccine

You are encouraged to check the Vaccine Appointment Portal daily before 10 AM.

Assistance can be requested through the DC COVID-19 Call Center at855-363-0333 or by writing to DC Health.

Scheduling A Second Dose

The provider that administers the first dose will provide instructions on how to register for the second dose. In some instances, the second dose will be administered at the same location. Other providers, including Safeway, will make arrangements to administer the second dose at a different facility. Please follow the instructions of the provider regarding the registration process and vaccination locations.

General information about scheduling the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is available on the DC Second Dose Information Page. The following information is adapted from the DC Second Dose Information Page. Please direct questions to the respective provider via the following contact information:

Giant Food

Stores #2376, #2381, #378, #384 and #375

Email Giant


If you received your first dose at Safeway, appointments for the second dose may be booked through the following 3 off-site locations:

Hattie Holmes Senior Wellness Center
324 Kennedy St NW, Washington, DC 20011
Book appointment for 2nd dose at Hattie Holmes

Model Cities Senior Wellness Center
1901 Evarts St NE, Washington, DC 20018
Book appointment or 2nd dose at Model Cities

Washington Senior Wellness Center
3001 Alabama Ave SE, Washington, DC 20020
Book appointment or 2nd dose at the Washington Senior Wellness Center

Safeway Contact: Paula Smith


Bread for the City – Medical Clinic
Email Contact: Danielle Stout

Community of Hope - Conway Health and Resource Center
Kali Maltese (202) 540-9857

Community of Hope - Marie Reed
Kali Maltese (202) 540-9857

La Clinica
Email Contact: Luizilda de Oliveira, DON

Mary's Center Georgia Ave

Unity Brentwood
Gerald Jones (mobile): 202-914-7793

Unity Upper Cardozo
Jennifer Shelton (mobile): 202-937-8380