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We are DCDS

We are DCDS: Passionate about our Profession, our Community and our Future!

I have been passionate about dentistry since I fell off my bicycle 40 years ago - twice in one week! You can image how happy my mother was when I came through the front door for the second time in a week with a front tooth missing. I may have lost my front teeth but I found a profession.

My first career in dentistry was as an academic dentist serving as a researcher and teacher. While I enjoyed it, it took me away from patients and patient care. When I decided to go back to patient care full-time it was natural that I would want to become part of a local dental society. I was extremely fortunate to have chosen DCDS as my home in organized dentistry. Reaching out to other members of my community to engage them in the importance of oral health to overall health allows the involved dentist to make a difference in the community.

As a part of the Nation's Capital, being involved in DCDS has the potential to reach out not just across the region but the world. Joining the DCDS has changed my appreciation for organized dentistry and allowed me to really give back to the profession I am passionate about. We need your help by joining this community.

Dr. Julian Moiseiwitsch
NCDM 2013 Chair

I feel blessed to have been involved with DCDS over the past 25 years. Being involved over the years has given me the self confidence and the tools I needed to get to a point in my career where I can "make a difference". I was brought up to understand if you are not a part of the solution you are a part of the problem. Recently I have been involved with the new Strategic Planning Coalition where we discussed ways to reinvent and restructure the DCDS. This will allow everyone to help guide the future of DCDS. The benefits will be felt by our members, the profession and our community. I ask that if you are a member you volunteer and get involved.

Dr. Patrick Grogan
Past-President and Chair of the Strategic Planning Coalition