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DCDS Member Sites

The D.C. Dental Society includes approximately 600 dentists in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The following dentists have their own websites. For a dental referral from the Society please call 202-547-7615 or e-mail at info@dcdental.org.

For the Society endorsed website creation contact Andrew Sherman at 301-365-2210 or absherman@virtualwindow.com

Are you a D.C. Dental Society member, would you like to have your own Web site and list it here?


Ariel Abramson, DDS
Dr. Carlos Abreu
Armin Abron, DDS, MS
Michael Bauer, DDS
Elenir Bernardes, DDS
Dr. Jaklin Bezik, DDS, MDS
Michael Blicher, DDS
Hugo A. Bonilla DDS, MS
Darlene Byrd, DMD
Oswald I. Cameron-Morales, DDS
Joseph A. Catanzano III, DDS
Jason A. Cohen, DDS
Steven Cohen, DDS
Renee A. McCoy-Collins, DDS, FACD, FICD
Ronald L. Cooper DDS, FAGD
Claudia Camelia Cotca, DDS, MPH
Sally J. Cram, DDS
Behram J. Dalal, DDS
Charles D Dietrich, DDS
Catherine Dietrich Pulse, DDS
Robert G. Donahue, DDS
John W. Drumm, DMD
Scott Dudley, DMD
Robert W. Emery, DDS
Barbara Farishian, DDS
Ronan Freyne, DDS
Robert A. Gallegos, DDS
Gerlein Orthodontics
Eugene Giannini, DDS
Nelson Goodman, DDS
Dr. Dana Greenwald, DDS
Brian Gray, DDS
Steven A Guttenberg, DDS
Robert D Hood DDS
Kenneth A. Ingber, DMD
James E. Johnson, DDS
Daniel P. Jones, DDS
H. Ryan. Kazemi, DDS
Suzanne Kim, DDS
Louis J. LaVecchia, DDS
Dr. Virginia E. Lee
Martin D. Levin, DMD
Rustin Levy, DMD
Clarence Lindquist, DDS
Aldino P. Maggiulli D.M.D., F.A.G.D., L.L.C.
Leonard Merlo, DMD
Dr. Said Mokhtarzadeh
Angela P. Noguera, DDS
Babak Noohi, DDS, MS
Margaret Culotta-Norton, DDS
Andrew M Orchin, DDS
Jeremy D. Orchin, DDS
Judith Penski, DDS and Margaret Irvin, DDS
Dr Russell Phillips, DDS
Mike Pollowitz, DDS
Jeffrey Posnick, DDS
Michael Ribera, DMD
Dr. Jim Richeson, DDS
Karl A. Rose, DDS
Jeffrey I. Rosenbaum DDS
Stuart Ross, DDS
James M. Ryan, DDS, MS
Mark Plauché Ryan, DDS
Dr.Anwar Salha DMD
Everett Schneider, DDS
Andrew L. Schwartz, DMD, DABO
Gary J Seiden DDS
Marlene Saint-Phard Shaw, DDS
Fredric H. Simon, DDS
Lawrence D. Singer, DMD, PC
Chester M Stein, DDS
Dennis J. Stiles and Marie Tigani Stile DDS
Stephen P. Tigani, D.D.S.
John Tsaknis, DDS
Benjamin O. Watkins III, DDS
Thomas P. Williams, DDS