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Welcome to the DC Dental Society Posting Board. Here you can view available job opportunities with the members of the District of Columbia Dental Society. If you are a member and would like to submit a job opening, please click here.

This Posting Board is provided as a convenience to our members and other dental professionals in the DC area. Please be advised that the DC Dental Society does not screen or evaluate the dental practices that advertise job openings or the job applicants who respond. The inclusion of a job listing or the submission of a response through this Posting Board does not constitute an endorsement, referral, or statement of qualification by the Society of any dental practice or applicant. There is no representation or guarantee by the Society of the truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any information available through the Posting Board, whether provided by a Society member or an applicant.

Current Job Listings

Position Location Days Per Week Hours Per Day Apply
Assistant Downtown DC Monday - Friday 8 Apply Now
Assistant Capitol Hill, SE 40 8 Apply Now
Assistant Metro DC 5 8 Apply Now
Assistant Chevy Chase, Maryland Thursday, Friday and one other half or full day 8 Apply Now
Assistant Washington DC 5 8 Apply Now
Assistant Chevy Chase, MD Monday - Friday 8 Apply Now
Assistant Northwest 5 Salaried Apply Now
Assistant Northwest 4 9 Apply Now
Hygienist Northwest, Washington, DC 4 Apply Now
Hygienist Northwest 2-3 8 Apply Now
Scheduling Coordinator Northwest 5 9-10 Apply Now