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Foundation Activities

Mentorship Program

It is the Foundation’s goal to connect with the community and help to change lives. The Foundation would like to strengthen its partnership with Howard University College of Dentistry by establishing a Mentorship Program with Howard students and our members. This program will support both the needs of the dental profession and change lives by allowing the students to observe how important organized dentistry is to private practice. There is a need for the young dentists entering the profession to understand and desire to be leaders and joiners in the profession. Being a mentor will complement the education that these students already receive at Howard. These students are our future!

Dean Leo Rouse has appointed Dr. Donna Grant Mills and Dr. Candace Mitchell to recruit and manage the student side of this program.  Now we just need DC Dental Society members to volunteer to be a mentor and the program can begin. 

Attached is an outline of the mentorship programThe students need your help. You and the profession will benefit from your involvement.  If this is a program that you would like to participate in, please call the DC Dental Society office (202-547-7316) for more information. 

Give Kids a Smile

Give Kids a Smile is a nationwide program first held by the American Dental Association (ADA) in 2003 to provide care and raise awareness of the importance of access to dental care for low-income children. The District of Columbia Dental Society in conjunction with the American Dental Association and with the assistance and support of the Howard University College of Dentistry and the District of Columbia school system partner for this event. The event is tremendously worthwhile and rewarding, but does require a certain amount of resources and advance planning, so we haven't been able to do it every year. We encourage volunteers who are interested in this event to e-mail the business office at and let us know. 

NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo

Volunteers from DCDS, students from Howard University and pediatric residents from Children’s National Medical Center conduct oral cancer screenings during the two-day NBC Health & Fitness Expo each January. This past year, our volunteers provided oral cancer screenings to over 600 members of the public at this event.