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DCDS 2014 - 2015 Board & Standing Committees

Below is a listing of the DCDS Standing Committee. If you are interested in volunteering for a committee please click here to notify the Board of Directors.

Members Responsibilities
Board of Directors Dr. Robert Emery, President (2015)
Dr. Julian Moiseiwitsch, President-Elect (2016)
Dr. Thomas Sokoly, Vice President (2015)
Dr. Steven Guttenberg, Secretary (2017)
Dr. Ali Fassihi, Treasurer (2017)
Dr. Adam Eskow (2016)
Dr. Christos Loukaitis (2015)
Dr. Kim Menhinick (2016 - 2nd term)
Dr. Said Mokhtarzadeh (2015)
Dr. Michael Pollowitz (2016)
Dr. James Ryan (2015)
Dr. Robert Tigani (2015 - 4th term)
Dr. Luis Barr (2016)
Dr. Carol Blake NCDM Chair (2015)
Dr. Sally Cram, Presidential Appointee (2015)
Advisory Committee to the NCDM
Dr. Michael M. Blicher, Chair (2015)
Dr. Paul D. Cohen (2016)
Dr. James K. Feldman (2017)
Dr. Stephen Tigani (2018)
Dr. Thomas Sokoly (2019)
The Advisory Committee to the Nation's Capital Dental Meeting shall provide advice to the NCDM Committee, provide an independent and historical perspective on the NCDM, provide long range analysis of issues affecting the dental meeting industry and market and consider long range options for creating a successful meeting.
Awards and Nominating
Dr. Paula Russo, Chair (2015)
Dr. Julian Moiseiwitsch, President-Elect (2015)
Dr. Thomas Sokoly, Vice President (2015)
Dr. Charles Dietrich (2015)
Dr. Donna Grant-Mills (2015)
The Awards and Nominating Committee shall:
  1. Select Society Award Recipients
  2. Vet Nominees / Make nominations if no public nominations are made
  3. Supervise elections/results
Constitution and Bylaws
Dr. James Ryan, Chair (2017) - BOD
Dr. Robert Tigani, Past-Chair (2015)
Dr. Babek Noohi (2015)
Dr. William Thornton(2016)
Dr. Angela Noguera (2016)
The Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall consider matters pertaining to the Constitution and Bylaws. All proposed amendments or revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws shall be referred to the committee for review and recommendation
Dr. Said Mokhtarzadeh, Chair (2017)
Dr. Chris Loukaitis (2015)
Dr. Mark Tromblay (2016)
Dr. James Ryan (2016)
Dr. Adam Eskow (2017)
The Education Committee shall be responsible for providing knowledge and opportunities to ensure the highest levels of clinical, business, and ethical competency for our members. The Committee will secure speakers for the monthly meetings as well as evaluate and promote education opportunities in coordination with the NCDM Committee.
Finance and Advisory
Dr. Stephen P. Tigani, Chair (2015)
Dr. Patrick M. Grogan (2016)
Dr. Ali R. Fassihi (2017)
Dr. Johanna Huijssoon (2018)
Dr. Paula Russo (2019)
The Finance and Advisory Committee shall advise the Board on matters pertaining to the Society's funds. The Finance and Advisory Committee shall have final approval of the Budget.
Dr. Chris Loukaitis, Chair (2017)
Dr. Paula Russo, Past-Chair (2015)
Dr. Jonelle Grant (2015)
Dr. Maya Oliver (2016)
Dr. Donna Grant Mills (2016)
The Membership Committee shall recruit, retain, investigate all candidates for membership in the Society, and provide their recommendation to the Board.
Membership Benefits
Dr. Robert Tigani, Chair (2017)
Dr. Steve Kaufman (2015)
Dr. Sheila Samaddar (2015)
Dr. Nishan Halim (2016)
Dr. Lindsay Friedman (2016)
The Member Benefits Committee shall develop, recommend, evaluate and promote membership benefits.
The Nation's Capital Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting (NCMDM) Committee
General Chair 2015 - Dr. Carol Blake
General Chair 2016 - Dr. Said Mokhtarzadeh
General Chairman-Elect 2017 - Dr. Chris Loukaitis
Vice General Chairman 2018 - TBD
Treasurer - Dr. Ali Fassihi, Treasurer (2017)

At-Large Members
Terms Expires 2015 (3)
Dr. Catherine Pulse
Dr. Michael Pollowitz
Dr. Kathyn Clark

Terms Expire 2016 (4)
Dr. Ladan Basiri
Dr. David Spiegelman
Dr. James Ryan
Dr. Andrew Schwartz

Terms Expire 2017 (3)
Dr. Said M.
Dr. Luis Barr
Dr. Larry Bowers
Dr. Luz Driscoll
Dr. Nishan Halim
The NCDM Committee shall develop the meeting budget, submit it to the Finance and Advisory Committee, plan, and execute all facets of the meeting.
Professional Standards
Dr. Kim Menhinick (2017)
Dr. Carole Richardson (2015)
Dr. Charles Dietrich (2016)
Dr. Richard Roen (2016)
Dr. Gary Kaihari (2015)
The Professional Standards Committee shall consider patient initiated complaints of unethical or unprofessional conduct on the part of any member of the Society not consistent with the ADA Code of Ethics or the Standard of Care.
Public Policy
Dr. Eugene Giannini, Chair (2017)
Dr. Patrick Grogan (2015)
Dr. Michael Blicher (2016)
Dr. Sally Cram (2016)
Dr. Luis Barr (2015)

The Public Policy Committee shall investigate proposed legislation and all matters of public policy, local or national, affecting the profession.
Public Relations
Dr. Ricardo Perez, Chair (2015)
Dr. Steve Guttenberg (2015)
Dr. Brian Gray (2016)
Dr. Luis Barr (2015)
Dr. Reza Moni (2016)
The Public Relations Committee shall study and make recommendations to the Board on matters relating to methods and means of educating the public to understand and appreciate the function and care of the oral cavity and related areas. It shall serve as liaison between the Society and public media. It shall gather suitable material from all Society-sponsored activities and prepare and present it in appropriate form for publication in all media. It shall edit the scientific proceedings of the Society and arrange for their publication in such dental periodicals as the Society may direct and edit each issue of the Newsletter. The Chair of this Committee shall serve as the Editor of the Society.
Strategic Planning
Dr. Julian Moiseiwitsch, Chair (2015)
Dr. Thomas Sokoly (2015)
Dr. Patrick Grogan (2015)
Dr. Paula Russo (2016)
Dr. Michael Pollowitz (2016)
The Strategic Planning Committee shall recommend to the Board a long range plan that it has developed to incorporate the goals and objectives of the Society and on an annual basis review and recommend revisions to the existing long range plan.